VRSA to host ‘Cãominhada’ dog walks

VRSA to host ‘Cãominhada’ dog walks

Every parish in Vila Real de Santo António will host a dog walk in the coming weeks.

Known as ‘Cãominhada’ – a play on words combining the word ‘cão’ (dog) with ‘caminhada’ (walk) – these dog walks allow dog owners to bring along their four-legged companion for a four-kilometre hike, so long as the dogs are healthy and have all their vaccines and licences.

In fact, owners will be required to present their dog’s health bulletin, proving they have been microchipped and have received their rabies vaccine.

The walks will last around one hour, while activities for the whole family will take place between 10am and 5.30pm in the locations that will host the ‘Cãominhadas’.

The first will take place on Saturday (October 29) in Vila Real de Santo António. Participants will be asked to meet at Praça Marquês de Pombal at 10am. The second is scheduled for November 5 in Vila Nova de Cacela (Largo Manuel Cabanas) and the third in Monte Gordo (in the square in front of the casino), both at 10am as well.

Says the local council, the initiative aims to “raise awareness about animal abandonment and encourage animal adoption, so that the local kennel becomes a short-stay location for all animals.”

It will also attempt to raise awareness about the “precautions” that owners should take when walking their furry friends in gardens or on public streets.

Admission is €3.

By Michael Bruxo