VRSA joins network of “High Performance Sports Centres”

Vila Real de Santo António’s top-notch sports complex has officially joined the national network of “High Performances Sports Centres” – a distinction awarded by the public-private entity Fundação de Desporto.

The VRSA sports centre will now receive an unspecified amount of funding from the Fundação – which includes Portugal’s government-run sports and youth institute, the national Olympic committee and a number of private companies such as EDP, Luso, Sports Zone and Galp Energia.

“For the first time, the sports complex will receive support from the government to promote sports at the highest level and continue its international promotion strategy,” said mayor Luís Gomes.

The VRSA complex can be used for football, swimming, triathlon, judo, and athletics. It also boasts a physical rehabilitation centre, run by the Hospital Particular do Algarve (HPA) group.

Carlos Mata, president of the Fundação, says that the VRSA centre is “one of the best in the world for athletics”, and has “excellent conditions to receive international events and competitions”.

Elsewhere, only 13 sports centres in Portugal have qualified to join the “High Performance Sports Centres” network.