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VRSA historic centre project to go ahead

A project to redevelop the entire historical centre of Vila Real de Santo António has been given the green light by Portugal’s Institute for Habitation and Redevelopment (IHRU).

The area in question, known for its Marquis of Pombal influenced architectural style, is to undergo major development by the Câmara in partnership with private companies, with works to be carried out representing an investment of around €20 million over the next few years.

Vila Real de Santo António’s historical centre has been classified as the first Systematic Urban Redevelopment Area (Área de Reabilitação Urbana Sistemática) to have been granted approval by the IHRU in Portugal, with the whole project to be managed by municipal company Sociedade de Gestão Urbana (SGU).

Work will be carried out in three phases, including the total regeneration of the urban centre and major improvements to infrastructures.

Mayor Luís Gomes told the Algarve Resident: “The project includes aesthetical improvements to the area but above all represents another step in the redevelopment and rehabilitation of our urban heritage, which will have a big impact on the quality of life of our residents and visitors.”