Volunteers reforest 19 hectares of burnt land in Castro Marim

Volunteers reforest 19 hectares of burnt land in Castro Marim

Over a hundred volunteers planted carob and arbutus trees in the area burnt in last year’s Pernadeira fire.

Last Saturday morning, December 3, more than 100 volunteers responded to a reforestation challenge launched by the Castro Marim Municipality to plant trees in the approximately 19 hectares of land burnt in the Pernadeira fire last year.

The trees planted were donated by «Together We Protect», a Zoomarine project that promotes knowledge, preservation and environmental education and includes measures such as support for the densification of the Algarve region.


Due to the circumstances and an aim to promote the territory’s resilience, native and fire-resistant species, such as carob and arbutus trees, were chosen for the project.

According to the Castro Marim Municipality, this “unique and unprecedented initiative in the area” sought to “involve and unite the whole community in this process of reconstruction and fighting fires”.

Subsequently, results will be monitored, and the initiative’s contribution towards decarbonisation will be assessed. New environmental education projects will also be developed as a result of this action, which will also integrate a documentary about the importance of the forest in water retention.


The initiative, supported by the Scouts of Vila Real de Santo António, was articulated with the Parish Councils, Zoomarine, Algar, ARCDAA (Recreational, Cultural and Sports Association of Alta Mora Friends) and Cooperativa GuadiMonte.