Volunteer event in Portimão

A network of volunteers and institutions which promote social support and solidarity for those in need in the Algarve is holding Ser Solidário, Ser Voluntário (To Be Outreach, To Be Volunteer) tomorrow (Saturday) at the pavilion of Portimão Fire Department.

This initiative by Algarve Pela Vida is part of the European Year of Volunteering and is designed as an awareness campaign to persuade people to volunteer for the benefit of the various charitable associations in the Portimão council area.

A spokesman from Algarve Pela Vida told the Algarve Resident: “At this time of serious economic crisis and a money shortage in many families’ finances, all local residents are invited to attend the event and bring essential goods such as clothes, diapers, among others, which will be directly delivered to the charity institutions that will be present on the initiative.

“The aim is also to encourage the enrolment of new volunteers for these institutions.”

For more information, please call 969 085 907.