Volker Huber honoured with street in Almancil

news: Volker Huber honoured with street in Almancil

LOULÉ CÂMARA unveiled three new street names in Almancil recently, among them Rua Volker Huber, after the late founder of the São Lourenço cultural centre who died last year.

Volker Huber and his wife, Marie Huber, from Germany, came to live in the Algarve and co-founded the Centro Cultural de São Lourenço on March 7, 1981. The centre became known internationally for its promotion of art, music, literature and Algarve archaeology.

Located next to the church of São Lourenço, the cultural centre has received many well-known figures from the world of art; painters, sculptors, writers and intellectuals, including Günter Grass, a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Over its years of activity, the cultural centre has been the setting for numerous exhibitions of contemporary art and musical concerts, and has been visited by thousands of tourists.

Volker Huber was rewarded for his dedication with a municipal medal of merit presented by Loulé Câmara, and now, in a further tribute, Almancil bears a road with his name.

The other two new road names were Largo do Poeta Clementino Domingos Baeta and Rua do Centro Comunitário.