Voices of the ancestors

LEARN HOW you can release and heal the spirits of the departed on a two-day course presented by The Resident’s contributor and therapist Mark Wentworth, to take place in Lisbon this weekend (February 25 and 26).

“All that we have been and all those who have gone before us play a part in making us who we are today. Many of our energy problems, obsessive issues and persistent complexes often turn out to be ancestral spirit energies trying, in vain, to speak or act through us to resolve unfinished issues not of our own but their making,” says Mark.

On the course you will learn how to tune into your own ancestral memory banks, how to talk to and help unhappy ancestors, and how to protect yourself and your space. Mark has been working with ancestral spirits for many years. His work and training with Dr. Roger Woolger has been a great inspiration for developing new and profound ways of working with this ancient wisdom.

If you would like to book your place at the course, costing 150 euros per person, contact Mark on 916 026 373.