Vitor Aleixo is candidate for Loulé presidency

news: Vitor Aleixo is candidate for Loulé presidency

FORMER President of Loulé Câmara, Vitor Aleixo, has announced that he will stand once more as the Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the presidency of the câmara in the next local elections that will take place in October.

According to an announcement made by the PS, Vitor Aleixo obtained “unequivocal support” for his candidacy and was unanimously approved receiving all of the 22 possible votes.

Looking back to the 2001 elections, there was a fiercely fought battle for the Loulé presidency. The Social Democrats (PSD) candidate, Seruca Emídio, obtained 47.4 per cent of the votes, while the Socialists, led by Vitor Aleixo, narrowly failed in winning another term, achieving 45 per cent, just 2.4 per cent less than the PSD.

Further head-to-head likely

The PSD candidate for Loulé has yet to be formally announced by the party, although according to reports in the Portuguese media, candidates for 15 of the 16 Algarve boroughs have already been chosen (only Faro is yet to be decided). It is, therefore, not yet clear if the current President of Loulé Câmara, Seruca Emídio, will stand again and the câmara’s press office was unable to confirm the president’s intentions. However, sources say it is likely he will defend his presidency, causing another head-to-head battle between the two men.