Vitaljacket, a vitally important method of heart monitoring

By Dr. José Manuel PS Baptista [email protected]

José Manuel PS Baptista, MD, PhD is a Cardiologist at the Hospital Particular do Algarve, Subspecialist in Interventional Cardiology and a member of the Scientific Board of the EAPCI (European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions)

Alteration in the electronic impulses of the human heart make up a group of pathologies, which in many cases are symptom free but may cause serious consequences to one’s wellbeing.

An example is arrhythmias, which are sporadic and difficult to detect and in many cases are the cause of sudden death.

A conventional ECG may in some cases not detect these alterations, making it necessary for the patient to undergo a 24-hour Holter, a continuous examination in order to monitor these small electronic signal alterations.

The Vitaljacket is a comfort solution for the patient.

Your heart’s best friend

Vitaljacket is a totally new and innovative method of heart monitoring, which is now available at Hospital Particular do Algarve.

It is a comfortable T-shirt which enables one to undergo an ongoing examination, while carrying on with a normal daily routine.

The results obtained by this method will enable your doctor to reach a more accurate and assertive diagnosis.

This is the first ambulatory ECG system that combines wearable technology with mainstream biomedical engineering solutions, aiming to provide a more realistic and comfortable Holter system.


A team of students at the Aveiro University in the north of Portugal started this project in 2002. The group was made up of specialists in engineering, health and biotechnology.

Their commitment and perseverance resulted in a product which has been systematically tested with extreme success, being a totally Portuguese invention and unique in the market.


• Easy placement of the electrodes by the patient at home using a simple colour code.

• Freedom of movement in an everyday living environment.

• Breathable and comfortable fabric, washable and easily disinfected.

• With a simple click on the device it is possible to record the timing of various symptoms.

• Continuous heart monitoring for up to 72 hours – reliable ECG result, even during patient’s motion.

• ECG monitoring of the patient in real time with the possibility of remote transmission of the signal.

Data  storage

The Vitaljacket digital recorder is a small, lightweight box, situated in a small pocket in the inside of the T-shirt.  All data is stored on a memory card similar to a mobile phone card.

These results are displayed in an easy to interpret scale, allowing the doctor to match cardiac frequency and arrhythmia data with the patient’s daily activity.

Who can benefit from this system?

Anyone can be submitted to this examination. Vitaljacket is especially recommended for people with cardiac problems, who need to monitor their cardiac activity.

It is also recommended for professional and amateur athletes or patients scheduled for general health check-ups.