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Vita Centro Clinics and cosmetic dentistry

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The Vita Centro Clinics are dedicated to dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Our dental clinics are located in Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal.

Dental implants
A dental implant consists of the replacement of a missing root. It is a very simple, comfortable and effective procedure that helps restore aesthetic function, speech and chewing. It is the best-known treatment in oral medicine to replace lost teeth. Single dental implants, All on Four/ All on Six implants, immediate loading implants or same-day implants are used. This also includes overdentures, which consist of prostheses placed on two implants with the aim of increasing their retention.

Teeth whitening
Cosmetic teeth whitening enables the patient to acquire a whiter and more beautiful smile in a few hours. Done in the clinic and by qualified dental professionals, it is considered a safe and effective treatment. Through a light source and the application of a whitening gel, good results are achieved. Teeth whitening does not damage teeth as long as the dentist’s recommendations are followed. Performed at home or at the dental office, it is a quick solution to improve tooth appearance.

Orthodontic Treatments
Orthodontics contributes to improving the smile. It corrects the position of the teeth and jaws. Orthodontic devices can be fixed or removable. X-rays and photographs make this treatment easier. The duration of treatment varies from months to a few years.

Our dentists are specialised in each branch of these oral treatments.

Setúbal – (+351) 265 220 700 | (+351) 917 081 016
Lisboa – (+351) 218 446 644 | (+351) 960 317 236
Porto – (+351) 222 080 103 | (+351) 960 317 247

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