Vista Iberica for sale

AN ALGARVE English-language publishing company has been put up for sale.

Peter Daughtrey and Len Port, publishers of Algarve GoodLife and many other magazines and books about the region, have announced their intention to retire from running their company Vista Ibérica.

Despite the current global financial gloom, the owners are very optimistic about the Algarve’s economic future. They feel that their company is full of potential for growth and say they look forward to seeing it soar to new heights under a new management.

The publishing partners founded Vista Iberica in the early 1990s and steadily expanded their range of products to cover the full spectrum of English-speaking readers.

The publications closely follow and reflect the Algarve’s all-important tourism and property sectors.

Updated editions of several of their early books, such as Get to Know the Algarve and Algarve Country Cooking, are still being reprinted and widely sold. Their book titles also include the illustrated children’s stories about Bica, the Portuguese Water Dog.

Of their magazines, Algarve GoodLife is the favourite among English-speaking expatriates while the Algarve Property Magazine is a much sought after source of information for home buyers from abroad. A separate edition of the property magazine is sold in the UK and Ireland under the title of Destination Algarve.

Their Welcome magazines that now appear in four separate area editions are designed to help tourists make the most of their holidays. The format of the Algarve Golf Guide, a monthly available at all the region’s golf venues, was successfully replicated 18 months ago when Vista Ibérica set up a subsidiary company in Spain to produce the Costa del Sol Golf Guide.

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