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Visitors from Mars succeed at LAPS

By ELOISE WALTON [email protected]

Around 50 employees from Portugal’s branch of Mars, the global snack corporation, ditched their suits and donned their anoraks for a rainy day of volunteer work at the Lagos Animal Protection Society (LAPS) on February 12.

Throughout the day, the volunteers battled the wet weather to make much needed improvements at the animal sanctuary (see the Algarve Resident edition, February 5).

Patrícia Leal, a spokeswoman for Mars Portugal, said: “In the dog kennels, the volunteers fixed the leaky roof, installed doors and windows to keep out the cold, installed electricity and lighting and generally cleaned, tidied and painted the room.”

She added that outside, under a large marquee which had been erected against the rain, a group of volunteers cleared a large area of weeds so that it may be gravelled for the dogs.

“Yet more volunteers spent the day erecting and decorating the Whiskas cattery,” said Patrícia Leal.

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Once the work was complete, LAPS founder Bridget Hicks said: “I speak for many people of my age when I say that the only thing

Bridget Hicks said she was very grateful for the work done by the volunteers.
Bridget Hicks said she was very grateful for the work done by the volunteers.

I have to look forward to is getting older. These young volunteers today have helped to rejuvenate my life.”

She added: “I have met so many young people who also share my love of animals. I can’t believe this has happened. I am so very grateful.”

This volunteer work is part of a new initiative by the company, which aims to help a number of animal charities across the country throughout 2010.

“Despite the rain, the volunteers made a huge difference to the lives of the animals at LAPS. We hope that our example will encourage others to come and continue the work here at the sanctuary,” said Patrícia Leal.

For more information about LAPS, please visit the website, available in English, at or telephone 282 687 334.