Viseu crime ring fleeces “French holidaymakers” looking for sex

At least five French “holidaymakers” aged between 60 and 70 have fallen victim this summer to a violent crime ring that lured them in over Internet sites, promising sex and “good moments of relaxation in a luxury home” in Viseu.

At least one of the victims lost around €300,000, reports Correio da Manhã, while PJ police believe there were many others that haven’t (yet) come forwards.

As to what happened in the luxury home in the urbanisation of Vilabeira, it appears that arrivals were met by the woman who had promised them sex, along with her husband, 22-year-old son and a 61-year-old friend.

These set about availing themselves of the new arrival’s bank cards and details.

If guests twigged to the scam, they were “attacked and locked in small rooms in the house”.

Certainly five ‘got away’ as it was one of these who reported the theft of money from his accounts to the GNR, which then called in PJ criminal police.

For now, the four – believed to have netted “many thousands of euros” have been presented in court. The woman has been remanded in preventive custody. The two men have to report twice a week to police, and the son is under house arrest on an electronic bracelet.

CM suggests the woman and her older friend have already served jail time in France “for similar crimes”.

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