“Visas and job opportunities” for Ukrainians coming to Portugal

Portugal’s Prime Minister has given instructions to Portuguese embassies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to grant immediate visas to Ukrainian citizens. The government is also “active” in “identifying job opportunities”.

“Portugal has had the privilege, for several years, of having a well-integrated Ukrainian community among us, and has reaffirmed its full readiness to welcome all those who want to pursue their lives among us. Instructions have already been given, both to our embassy in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, to grant immediate visas for them to come to Portugal,” António Costa said on Friday.

The prime minister was speaking at a press conference at the Ministry of Defence shortly after attending an extraordinary summit of heads of state and government of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which was held by videoconference and in which the leaders of Sweden and Finland also participated, and which focused on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

António Costa also said work opportunities were being looked into as well as the immediate attribution of social security numbers and taxpayer numbers, so that residence permits were readily available to those who wish to pursue their lives in Portugal.”

Source: Lusa