Visão Plus joins forces with vision&co

Optical store Visão Plus in Quarteira has taken a step forward in terms of customer service and product range. It is now operating under the brand vision&co, a leading retail chain in Spain.

Since its founding in 1995, Visão Plus has been working to improve the quality of its services, “but this is undoubtedly our most important leap forward,” says Juan El Khoury, manager of the now rebranded store, vision&co Visão Plus.

“The values of proximity, professionalism and innovation, and the possibility of bringing the latest developments in the field of eye care to our clients have led to this move,” says El Khoury.

The store can now offer “more competitive prices, promotions, discounts and services such as the vision&co club, whose membership is free to all clients who will then obtain extra benefits”.

Visão Plus has also widened its range of glasses and frames, including some exclusive brands.

“Our customers come to us for two reasons: to find solutions for their eye problems and to choose the trendiest eyewear. Through vision&co, we can achieve both goals,” says El Khoury.

vision&co is part of Cione, Grupo de Opticas, the largest optical buying group in Spain, and of Retina, an European optical alliance which involves two French and Italian groups.