Virtual events are “vital new reality” to promote Algarve abroad

Virtual events to promote the Algarve abroad are “fundamental” in times marked by pandemic restrictions, said the region’s tourism association (ATA).

“Due to all the travel constraints and the cancellation of the sector’s biggest fairs and events, which were part of our annual promotion calendar, we have been forced to rethink our strategy in order to continue promoting the Algarve,” says ATA president João Fernandes.

Webinars and workshops, online fairs, and meetings with tour operators and other tourism sector representatives are just some of the events being held virtually to keep the Algarve’s name in the limelight.

ATA recently took part in IGTM Links, an online event for the international golf travel community; the ITB Berlin fair, one of the largest tourism fairs in the world; as well as its very own Algarve Virtual Destination Showcase.

“Virtual events have been very positive, allowing us to keep close relations with other tourism companies and tour operators both here and in the many markets we work with, and continue to respond to the needs of the many segments that make up our tourism industry,” says Fernandes.

“On the other hand, at a time when companies’ revenues have taken a hit, online events also help reduce costs, something that is crucial at a time we prepare for the return of tourists.

“Although we hope for the return of big tourism fairs in the near future, for now virtual events are vital complementary initiatives to our promotion strategy.”

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