Virgin Voyages ‘Scarlet Lady’ (adults only) cruise ship recruits in Portugal

Anyone looking for a rather different kind of job might think this is it: Virgin Voyages is launching a new kind of cruise ship next year – one that promises to turn the industry ‘upside down’ – and recruitment in Portugal is ongoing.

Say reports, the agency tasked with hiring staff hopes to find 80 people in this country: 60 for the Food & Beverage department, and the others principally for the areas of finance and front office.

Where the news ‘gets interesting’ is that age is apparently no barrier.

What recruiters are seeking “more than anything” are “different candidates”.

There will be no objections, for instance, to candidates “with pink hair, visible tattoos or piercings”.

A quick internet search confirms that this new form of ‘love boat’ means to adopt a ‘cheeky and cheerful approach to service’.

In other words, candidates who may have tired of the habitual cruise scene could see this prospect as an opportunity.

Says agency Proseastaff, ‘watchwords’ for recruitment are “personality and passion” and salaries are described as “very attractive”.

Anyone interested should email [email protected] with their details and experience.

Final interviews are due to take place in Portugal between June 17 and 18.

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