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VIP treatment for your pet

VIP VETERINARY Surgery opens its doors on Monday (April 14) offering a quality service for pets and their owners.

Situated in a purpose-built facility in Lagos, the VIP surgery is the height of sterility and equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment available to vets.

“We wanted to provide a practice that animals deserve and this lives up to it,” said Dr Scott Miller, who is also The Resident’s vet. “This is the best practice that any of us have ever worked in, better than the ones in London.”

Scott has opened the practice with his partners, Dr Lars Rahmquist and Dr Geoffery Platt.  Lars and his dog Norm intend to move to Lagos by the end of the year to help with the surgery while Scott will be at the surgery full time.

Already the vets are part of the local community, helping Algarve-based charities the Associação de Protecção Animal do Algarve (APAA) and Nandi. They have also had great support from their Portuguese neighbours, who are all keen to engage the services of the VIP surgery.

Best facilities

The team is keen to highlight the extensive facilities that can be provided for animals, including a lead-lined radiology suite to provide faster, clearer and more diagnostic X-rays and a surgery room complete with its own filtered air supply to reduce infection incidents.

Portugal was an easy choice for the team to locate to because the members fell in love with the country and its people. Being originally from Australia, Scott said: “It is very similar to being at home.”

The surgery is open Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm and on Saturdays 9am until 12pm. Call 282 782 282 to make an appointment of visit for further information.