VIP taxpayers’ list scandal: new tax bosses needed

The government is currently seeking replacements for the two high-level tax bosses who resigned last week following the furore caused by the so-called “VIP tax list” scandal.

António Brigas Afonso and José Maria Pires have stepped down from their positions as president and deputy-director of Portugal’s tax authority (AT), respectively, although they still deny the existence of a “VIP taxpayers list”, which immediately alerted the government to any outside snooping (see story

According to Correio da Manhã, the VIP list included many high-profile citizens, such as President Cavaco Silva, Prime Minister Passos Coelho and deputy PM Paulo Portas, former PM José Sócrates, Espírito Santo bankers, disgraced politicians, football coach José Mourinho and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Secretary of state for fiscal affairs Paulo Núncio could be next on the list of resignations. Media reports suggest he is still clinging to his job.