“Violent discussion” with Brits on board BA flight over Azores forces plane to touch down

Brace yourselves for a new ‘on board’ disgrace to be splashed over social media.

According to reports this morning, a British couple en-route from Gatwick, UK, to Jamaica on a British Airways flight have filmed the “violent discussion” that followed their airborne requests to be upgraded from economy to business class.

So far, there is nothing more online than the news that the discussion became so heated that for safety reasons the pilot decided to touchdown at Lajes airbase, on the Portuguese island of Terceira, in the Azores.

Filming was said to have taken place throughout the incident, so whether we get to see this new slice of damaging airline PR depends on the mobile phone finding an internet connection.

According to reports, it was the woman who filmed the incident, and the couple were left behind on Terceira island when the Boeing 777 resumed its journey, as they had to make statements to PSP police.

So far, no names have been given, or details suggested on how the couple will now be able to get to Jamaica.

National media explains that the BA flight was over the island of Santa Maria when things hotted up, hence the decision to double-back and land at Lajes’ military airbase.

The plane made its landing at 6.20pm, reports Observador – and took off again 40 minutes later.

Subsequent reports now reveal that flight BA2263 never in fact reached Kingston. It returned to Gatwick, landing at 10.36pm.

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