Violent crimes down in first half of 2013

Violent crimes registered by the PSP police saw a 9.4% decrease during the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2012, reveals recent data from the police force.

The numbers show that violent offences fell from 7,992 to 7,244, due mostly to a decrease in homicides (-7), violent carjackings (-34) and robberies (-500).

Despite these positive results, there were 30 more fuel station break-ins, followed by an increase of 10 post office robberies and four bank heists.

Crimes in general dropped 8.7% from 98,990 to 90,408, due to a decrease in the number of supermarket robberies (-400), residential break-ins (-800) and vehicle thefts (-1,300). An increase of thefts of precious materials (+400), however, counteracts this drop.

A spokesperson for the PSP said the fall of criminal activity took place in all districts of the country and that 92% of the crimes represent non-violent crimes, while the remaining 8% account for violent or serious breaches.

During the first half of 2013, PSP arrested 11,500 people, 2,000 less than the same period last year.