Violent brothers on run have 10 convictions “without one jail term”

Two brothers, caught by mobile phone footage kicking a bloodied victim as he lay on the ground in Coimbra last month are not only still ‘on-the-run’ from the authorities, they have a long list of convictions for violence, without once having been sent to jail.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã has listed the convictions against José and Emanuel Trigueiros, saying their latest victim still has to undergo three more surgeries, not to mention the psychological support he has been receiving since his horrific attack.

The “still traumatised” victim and his family have asked not to be named, said the paper, but they have stressed that justice should be seen to be done.

What was the point in all those suspended sentences, they query, if the attackers’ aggressions and violent incidents could be traced back to 2002?

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