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Violent attack at dance hall

Two bouncers were injured, several windows smashed and a car vandalised during a violent incident in Lagoa in the early hours of September 16.

The target was the dance hall of the restaurant Barca Velha at the business park in Lagoa, but financial management company Sovereign was also targetted in the incident because it is located between two of the exits of the restaurant.

Nigel Anteney-Hoare, managing director of Sovereign, told the Algarve Resident that: “We arrived at the office in the morning and the front window and the window of the door were smashed. There were big stones inside the entrance of the office.”

According to the Barca Velha owner Virgílio Sequeira, the attack was carried out by four youths, who had been in the dance hall.

“When they were leaving, there was a problem over the drinks bill card, which started a discussion with one of the bouncers.”

After a few minutes, with the establishment already closed, they returned and knocked on the door.

According to Virgílio Sequeira, “a bouncer was badly beaten when he opened the door and a colleague suffered some bruises”.

Afterwards the aggressors threw stones against the windows. A car belonging to one the bouncers was also damaged.

A spokesman for the GNR police told the Algarve Resident: “We have identified two of the suspects already but to take action on this case we have to wait for the bouncer who was attacked to present a complaint so that we can start the investigation.”

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