Vineyard wedding cake ideas

What is the perfect cake for a vineyard wedding?

Brides are constantly on their way to searching for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the right makeup artist, stylist, the most romantic song for their first dance, the perfect band, the most delicious menu, and, of course, the cake.

When it comes to vineyard weddings, a vineyard wedding cake is a perfect menu finish to the whole memorable evening. In a way, it is a centrepiece which will steal everyone’s attention. This is the reason why extra attention has to be paid when making the final decision.

But first, before you look at the cake ideas, you need to choose the perfect vineyard wedding venue that would complement the whole aesthetic. If you are planning a celebration in the south of Portugal, the Algarve, then one of the most beautiful venues you could choose that would fit any vision and cake style is the Quinta dos Vales.

Why This wine estate?

As a venue that blends contemporary, rustic and elegant flair, this venue can perfectly complement any couple’s style. They have a dedicated team of professionals that will cater to every need. Besides some vital aspects like accommodations for your guests, cost-effective packages, beautiful spaces for your ceremony and reception, impeccable menu and signature wine selections; they are fully equipped to keep any wedding cake fresh and ready for the big moment. Also, the venue is highly accessible which means any cake artist can easily complete their task by bringing your prefered cake design in a timely manner.

With organic landscapes featuring rolling hills of vines, contemporary spaces intertwined with a rustic aesthetic, and a romantic ambience – any couple would be spoiled by choice when choosing their theme and wedding cake look. Furthermore, the management shares that they advise couples about the best pastry chefs in the region to make sure they get the perfect cake to make their day even more magical!


The rustic wedding cake movement

Lately, the idea of having an elegant yet rustic wedding in a vineyard has become increasingly popular. This rustic expansion features cakes with a textured or semi-naked finish as well as cakes with cake icing contained only in the layers. These cakes are decorated with fruits, flowers, and naturalistic elements that overlade with simplicity and promise divinity.

Experts suggest that the most popular fruit choices for these types of cakes are grapes, figs, berries and pears. Besides being incredibly delicious, they make every cake look like a piece of art. That being said, today we are sharing some wonderful vineyard wedding cake ideas to awaken any bride’s fantasy:

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

A semi-naked vineyard wedding cake is simply delicious. Having a perfect mix of pastel flowers and the touch of greenery will set the right tone.

Wedding Cake Wrapped in Vines

This three-tiered beauty of a wedding cake just fits perfectly into the winery themed wedding. The blossoms and the woodland vines crawling all over give out the perfect vineyard vibe. It’s a masterpiece of sweetness with a touch of bare wildness.

Buttercream White Wedding Cake

A perfect vineyard wedding cake has three tiers, some graceful femininity and a soft horizontal texture. To decorate it, cake experts give the idea of creamy roses, ferns and blushed blooms that blend in perfectly with the whole romantic atmosphere.

Four-Tiered Black Wedding Cake

If couples want to make a statement at their wedding, choosing this four-tiered black-hued cake will definitely do the job. The lush fall foliage just radiates with elegance and the dark tones just add to its gracefulness.


Naked Wedding Cake With Jam Filling

Jam and powdered sugar – many would suggest that the smell, look and flavour of this cake evoke feelings of cosiness and home. Every single tier is adorned with blossoms dipped in powdered sugar standing amongst the layers dripping with jam.

Single-Tiered Wedding Cake With Decorative Metallic Acorns

This cake is the definition of rustic fall wedding cake perfection. It is beautifully decorated with scattered metallic acorns and a golden leaf.

Four-Tiered Wedding Cake Topped With Flowers

The humble icing, the beige momentums, and the earthy tones echo with simplicity and grandeur. Cake experts suggest that using neutral foliage and scattered blossoms will give an illusion of tree bark.

Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake

The three naked layers of this chocolate wedding give the impression of the cake being made from actual tree bark. The natural buds and the powdered sugar make the whole forest momentum complete.


Two-Tiered White Wedding Cake

For couples looking for simplicity, this two-tiered white wedding cake should definitely make the top of their list. The frosting is relaxed with ivy exalt and a smooth wooden base that breathes a truly homemade charm.

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake With Flowers and Greenery

Strikingly beautiful simplicity that can be easily tailored to the couple’s preferences. One idea is to use this remarkable colour scheme – pale pink roses and sprigs of eucalyptus. And for this rustic style to be complete, experts suggest using a barrel as a cake table.

Cheese wheel cakes

There are also plenty of vineyard wedding cake ideas for cheese lovers. Many couples don’t want the traditional icings, powdered sugar, tiers and layers. Vineyard cakes don’t necessarily have to be traditional cakes, they can also be composed of real cheese wheels!

A cake with many layers of different cheeses will surely make a statement. Also, the added greenery, fruits and blooms can elevate the whole appearance and surprise every guest. Couples can incorporate cheese options from each country they have travelled to. This can be topped with fresh fruits like grapes to complete the style.

Also, these cheese wheel cakes are perfect for weddings because they can be made easily by only layering different types of cheeses – there are no colour limitations and no fruits that cannot be used. They bring a freshness that no other vineyard wedding cakes could possibly offer. Plus, cheese is a perfect match with wine!

If you are planning a vineyard themed wedding, feel free to check out the wedding section of the Quinta dos Vales resort, which offers a plethora of options for newlyweds and their loved ones.

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