Villages for sale – in Algarve and Arouca

Investors keen to get a slice of Portugal may be interested in thinking big and buying an entire village, not just a humble home.

Real estate site Idealista showcases two such propositions, one in the Algarve (in the borough of Silves) the other in Arouca, in central Portugal.

Say agents, both are appealing to people with very green ideas, for ecological, sustainable tourism.

The Arouca property has a price tag of 900,000 euros, and includes no less than 11 houses.

The village near Silves (Funcho de Diante) is on the market for 1.8 million euros, and occupies around 10 hectares.

Says the blurb, the place was abandoned in 1974 following the construction of the Funcho dam and would now make “the perfect location” for a sustainable tourism initiative.

Green investments are now included among the many initiatives that qualify for so-called ‘golden’ residency visas.

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