Photo of the inside of one of the living spaces inside Villa Stock estate

Villa Stock – a one-of-a-kind real estate marvel

The heart of Southern Portugal is home to one-of-a-kind real estate marvel.
Conceived as one of the most outstanding private residential properties in the Algarve, this estate features the luxurious main residence, designed with a conglomeration of traditional and contemporary styles, guest accommodation, staff quarters, and a workshop developed from traditional buildings.

Photo of the main building in Villa Stock estate

The amenities offered by this estate put most hotels to shame, with its stunning 360º views and an extraordinary wellness area. The vast amount of land belonging to the property provides absolute privacy and security as well as enough space for beautiful gardens and cultivation.

An entire floor is dedicated solely as a spa and leisure area. This floor has everything you need for total relaxation including a sauna, Jacuzzi, infrared cabin, massage room, rainforest shower, colour shower, relaxation chairs and heated spa beds. Its controlled microclimate remains warm the year round making it pleasant every month of the year.

Secondary amenities such as fitness room, for a physical workout, and second lounge for unwinding are both found on this floor. The exquisite heated pool combines the freedom of an outdoor pool with the comfort of an indoor one. Its constant year round temperature allows independence of the weather, and its controls are fully automated.

The high-tech elements are designed to achieve efficiency with minimized maintenance and heating costs. The skin friendly water has the quality of drinking water as a result of the ozonation process.

Photo of the media room in Villa Stock

Breathtaking custom-made mosaic artwork decorates the bottom of the pool and the 37 underwater speakers offer a sound experience like no other. There is also a counter current system, as well as massage jets and a geyser.

Despite its sheer size, the estate has plenty of infrastructures to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Security was one of the top priorities when conceiving the design of this unique piece of prime real estate. Additionally, a full service package (house cleaning, gardening, maintenance and guarantee on technical equipment, basically offering the experience of moving into a new house) can also be included with the purchase.

Wine and art have always complimented each other, but never more so than can be noted at Quinta dos Vales, where the stunning sculptures can be enjoyed together with high-quality award-winning wines.

Photo of the pool at Villa Stock estate

In the several garden locations is a collection of well over one hundred pieces in different styles, materials and sizes, some up to five metres in height. The ideas behind the unique art are the same that drive the evolution of wine – both are linked to the traditional but also explore new experiences, limits and directions. As well as the various fruit trees and herb gardens, the estate possesses 2.2 hectares of red grape varieties that were planted in 2006 and can be used to grow your own estate-produced wine.

The current owner also owns and runs the leading winery in the Algarve, Quinta dos Vales. Included with the purchase of this estate an option can be offered, for the new owners to produce their own wine from their own vines while taking full advantage of Quinta dos Vales’ winemaking team and installations. A complete turnkey experience that allows full control, while the work and operations are outsourced. The initial option covers all work for a two-year period, which can be prolonged at a later point.

Photo of one of Villa Stock estates living areas

The estate has a particular microclimate due to its altitude and the shelter provided by the Monchique Mountains. This allows for a diversified range of plant life, supporting both local varieties as well as those of foreign origin. Meticulous planning went into the design and careful plant selection, much like in the design of the house itself. The key features in the garden are its visual presence and longevity.

Ancient olive trees, by the hundreds, and carefully choreographed exotic palm trees are found side-by-side, forming artistic inspiring shapes. Two-dimensional sculptures, such as the butterfly on the south side of the house and the kissing couple to the north, are bordered with blossoming flowers.

Here you will also find carob tree groves, an orange orchard and a cypress-walkway, alongside elements of a desert-like landscape, all of which are well integrated within the surroundings.

There are various cobblestone pathways, one leads to a Koi fish lake complete with a pavilion. Offering an amazing sight, the garden landscape was designed to be self-sufficient and low-maintenance. An important criteria for the selection of plants was their strength and endurance, even in water scarce situations, and large lawn areas were avoided whenever possible.

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Photo of an exterior area at Villa Stock estate

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