Vilamoura World unveils Pedro Reimão as new CEO

Vilamoura World unveils Pedro Reimão as new CEO

Pedro Reimão has taken over from João Brion Sanches

Pedro Reimão has been announced as the new CEO of Vilamoura World, the “master planner” in charge of the Algarve resort town of Vilamoura.

Reimão, who was the company’s executive administrator in charge of Marketing and Sales, has taken over from João Brion Sanches, who will remain a non-executive member of the Administration Board.

I am very pleased and deeply honoured to succeed João Brion Sanches in leading Vilamoura World, a group that includes Lusotur and Vilamoura Marina, and is inseparable from the history of Vilamoura itself,” the new CEO said.

“The ambition we have for the rapid yet harmonious development of our businesses and the destination itself is enormous and is already being implemented rapidly, thanks to the efforts of the internal teams at Vilamoura World and the collaboration with other companies in the Arrow Global Group, which have been supporting the project operationally from the very beginning,” he added.

João Bugalho, CEO of Arrow Global Portugal (which took over Vilamoura World along with a group of national investors), has also praised the work carried out by João Brion Sanches.

“He was crucially important in the acquisition, but also the way he led Vilamoura World in the last two years and created conditions for the future development of our presence in Vilamoura. It is with great satisfaction that we will continue to count on his priceless collaboration,” he said.

With over 30 years of professional experience in several industries, including management consulting and private equity, Pedro Reimão has been working inthe hospitality, resort management and tourism real estate sectors since 2011. He first led operations for the Pestana Group in Brazil and later served as head of resort and hospitality business units at Sonae Capital. Until the end of 2022, he held the position of CEO at Vale do Lobo.

“The appointment of Pedro Reimão, who brings unique experience in equivalent roles and challenges, reflects the priority and effort we attribute to the development of Vilamoura and the growth of our businesses in this destination. We are delighted to have him on board for the project in these new roles,” added João Bugalho.

Pedro Reimão holds a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from the Portuguese Catholic University (Universidade Católica), where he also taught for six years. Since January 2023, he has also served as the President of APR – Portuguese Association of Residential Tourism and Resorts.

By Michael Bruxo

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