Vilamoura World appoints two new directors

Vilamoura World, which describes itself as a ‘master developer’ that aims to establish Vilamoura as “the destination with the best quality and diversity” in Europe, has announced the appointment of two new directors.

The additions to the team are Miguel Moraes Palmeiro, who will be leading the commercial department, and José Manuel Matos, who will be in charge of the architecture and urbanism department.

Palmeiro is said to already be working on the “commercial launch of the Uptown and Central developments”, which will have 200 new properties to be put on the market in 2018.

In a statement sent to the press, Vilamoura World says Miguel Palmeiro previously worked at commercial real estate investment firm CBRE and has vast experience internationally, having worked in Brazil and Spain.

Meanwhile, José Manuel Matos will play an “important role in the redefinition of the master plan of the Vilamoura Lakes project”.

Says the developer, Vilamoura Lakes will offer “boutique hotels, unmatched gastronomic experiences and a stunning residential development set in an environment of natural lakes, fauna and flora”.

It adds: “José Manuel Matos’ experience in the development of projects with a focus on sustainable architecture was important in our decision to hire him, to ensure the continuity and quality of the project.”

The news comes a few months after it was reported that Vilamoura was “back up for sale again”, this time in pieces, by American owners Lone Star (click here).

Photo: Commercial director Miguel Moraes Palmeiro