Photo: Vilamoura Tennis & Padel Academy/FACEBOOK

Vilamoura to host 4th Vanguard Stars tennis competition

Vilamoura Tennis & Padel Academy will host the fourth edition of Vanguard Stars under -10s and under-11s this weekend (September 25-26) which will see over 150 young athletes taking part.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for 10.30am on Saturday, although matches will begin slightly earlier at 9am. The prize ceremony will take place on Sunday afternoon.

According to organisers, the main goal of Vanguard Stars is to promote tennis among younger generations and to organise tournaments with “unusually high levels of quality” at these stages. They add that they also aim to contribute to the development of their “physical and mental resistance, focus and leadership, aspects which are important to the future career of athletes.”

“The Vanguard Stars Circuit has exceeded all our expectations and it is a great joy for us to see the performance and dedication of these youngsters to this tournament and to be able to contribute to sports in Portugal,” said José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties.

“Knowing that we are contributing to the future of these youngsters and to the development of their physical and mental capabilities is the goal of the Vanguard Stars programme,” said Tatyana Bezukladnikova, general manager of Vanguard Stars.

“Tennis, in particular, is a very demanding sport that provides essential development for youngsters. It is also important to stress the importance of families to this programme; it is fundamental that families spend quality time together so that players can grow from an early age in a healthy environment, not only on a sporting level but also on a personal level,” she added.