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Vilamoura school supports Ukrainian refugees

Vilamoura International School promotes “Make Peace & Spread Love” campaign

 A solidarity campaign launched by the Vilamoura International School (CIV) community aimed to collect essential goods to donate to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Loulé.

The campaign, entitled “Make Peace & Spread Love, with Ukraine in the Heart”, ran for five days and generated an overwhelming response by the whole school community.

Says the school: “Everyone wanted to contribute by donating whatever was necessary to welcome the families hosted by the Loulé town council.”

Vilamoura International School

Day-to-day essentials

School supplies, clothes and shoes for children and adults, towels, various kitchen utensils and appliances (crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, fridges, televisions, among other day-to-day essentials) were some of the items delivered to CIV. For babies, there were cots, cradles, car seats, as well as toys and scooters for children of all ages.

Through members of the school community, the Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel donated several sofas, rugs, armchairs and baby chairs, and even job and accommodation guarantee to refugee families.

Vilamoura International School

Educational values

“Involving children, young people, families and staff in an initiative like this gives life to the educational values of the Vilamoura International School – Democracy, Peace and Humanism,” said Cidália Bicho, pedagogical director of CIV. “The ability to change the world begins within each of us.”

Loulé Council and Salir Parish Council collected the goods from the school, which were then delivered to the various homes.

Vilamoura International School

“The CIV community hopes that this gesture can bring comfort and joy to those who have lived through the horror of war, leaving behind many family members and friends. Together, we will continue to work for world peace and the well-being of all human beings,” said the school in a press statement.