Vilamoura school launches appeal to help fire victims

Vilamoura International School has launched an appeal to help the victims of Portugal’s devastating wildfires.

“Portugal is in mourning following the many fires that consumed forests, houses and businesses, and killed people and animals. After this catastrophe, children, young adults and the elderly seek to survive the loss and the difficulty of resuming life, when everything has been lost,” the school says in a statement.

“Knowing that our gestures are reflected in others, we would like to offer some relief in the form of affection, courage and objects to the families of the affected areas.”

Catarina Vaz, a parent of one of the school’s students, was born in Oliveira do Hospital – one of the worst affected areas by the fires.

“My town, my borough endured a real nightmare. The fire turned the borough into a sheet of ash and took lives, possessions and stories with it,” she said.

“I cannot ignore the pain of my people. Hope is all that is left for the families who lost everything, and they need everyone’s support and help to start over.”

Items most in need are clothing and footwear for children and adults, pyjamas and underwear, school supplies, linen, kitchen utensils, toys, mattresses, beds and furniture.

There are two collection points: for the smaller items, Vilamoura International School (289 303 280) and for the larger items, Atelier dos Tecidos on the EN125 near Quarteira (289 328 922).