Vilamoura Marina hosts ‘Photo Ark’ exhibition

A photo exhibition backed by National Geographic that aims to “get people to care” about saving endangered species “while there is still time” is coming to Vilamoura Marina on Saturday, June 1.

‘Photo Ark’ was created by American photographer Joel Sartore and is described as a “groundbreaking effort to document species before they disappear”.

On his website, the photographer writes: “There are about 12,000 animal species in human care around the world. So far, I’ve made portraits of more than 8,000, and we’ll keep going until we get them all. It’ll take another 15 years or so. The goal is to show the world what biodiversity actually looks like and get everyone to care about saving species while there’s still time.”

There will be over 80 photographs on show at the exhibition, which attracted over 160,000 people in Lisbon and Porto. Twelve of the photos were taken in Portugal.
“All species are vitally important to our very survival; we need bees and even flies to pollinate the fruits and vegetables we eat. We need intact rain forests to regulate the amount of rainfall we get in areas where we grow crops. But beyond what’s in it for us, I believe that each species has a basic right to exist,” says Sartore.

The exhibition can be visited every day until September 30 between 2.30pm and 11.30pm at Avenida Cerro da Vila near The Lake Resort. Entry costs €9 for adults, €7 for students aged 12 to 18 and over 65s, and €5 for children aged 5 to 11. Family tickets (two adults and two children) cost €24.