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Vilamoura Circuit

After the positive response from the 2011 Vilamoura Circuit run, Browns Sports & Leisure Club will be teaming up with McDonald’s Vilamoura to host this year’s edition of the Vilamoura Circuit.  

The 5.6km circuit, which will be held tomorrow (Saturday) will be promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. The circuit will start at 9am at McDonald’s and end at Browns where participants will be greeted at the finish line with water, gifts and supporting family, friends and spectators.

After the circuit, Browns Health Club will be hosting an Open Day. All participants can join in and enjoy a variety of fitness classes from B Combat, B Harmony, Zumba and Spinning. They can also take part in a Beach Volleyball Doubles Tournament.  

Children can participate in a morning session of “Rugby for Kids” for youngsters aged between five and 14.

In the spirit of the event, both Browns and McDonald’s will be serving a healthy lunch which can be reserved at the time of inscription.

Participants can choose to walk, skip or run the circuit at their own pace.

For more information or to enrol in the action packed day, please visit

Meanwhile last weekend was filled with activity at Browns. Five-a-side football was competitive on the astroturf pitch, as eight teams competed for the winning title of this year’s Browns Cup.

A cricket tournament was also gathering a lot of attention on the grass pitch, where teams from Ireland and an international local team enjoyed their game in the warm Algarve sun.  

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, many gathered at the Sports Bar & Restaurant to watch the Euro games showing live on TV. Saturday was particularly busy with everyone hanging on the edge of their seats during the Portugal-Germany match!