Vila Vita staff under investigation

Several members of staff at the Vila Vita Park Hotel have been suspended from their duties pending an investigation into mismanagement of the resort. The locks to the managers’ offices were changed, their cars were seized and computers were removed. The surprise move was ordered by the German consortium that owns Vila Vita, which also instructed the hotel to close its doors for several hours. The Resident contacted João Cardoso, Director of Sales and Marketing for the luxury resort, who told us. “I can confirm that four of the hotel managers, including the General Manager, were recently suspended from their duties under suspicion of mismanagement. An investigation is currently underway in order to determine the facts.” The hotel has now re-opened and is fully operational. “It’s business as usual”, Cardoso confirmed, “without absolutely any change to our facilities, or the quality of our service.” Engelbert Jandl, the Managing Director of Vila Vita Hotels, has stepped into the role of acting General Manager while the investigation is underway.