Vila Vita Spa

Vila Vita Spa by Sisley Paris honoured as “Portugal’s Best Spa Resort 2023” for fourth time

Vila Vita Spa by Sisley Paris received the “Portugal’s Best Spa Resort 2023” award for the fourth time by the World Spa Awards.

These awards recognise excellence in the luxury wellness industry and celebrate those who set the highest standards in the field.

The 9th edition of the World Spa Awards is the culmination of a year-long online voting process, engaging tourism professionals specializing in spa and wellness, as well as hundreds of thousands of consumers from around the globe. The results of this distinguished accolade can be found by following this link 2023 Winners.

A haven of well-being and tranquillity, Vila Vita Spa by Sisley Paris draws its inspiration from the extraordinary sea caves of the region, featuring a contemporary design adorned with natural stone elements and calming hues of blue and green that mirror the serene beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. As the first Sisley Paris branded spa in Portugal, it offers a diverse array of treatments renowned for their fusion of advanced scientific approaches with the finest natural products.

Beyond the extensive range of treatments and massages provided in its 14 elegantly appointed rooms, the spa’s offerings include a spacious studio, featuring full-length windows that frame views of the resort’s serene gardens. Here, guests can partake in private or group yoga sessions, including Aerial Yoga classes, as well as indulge in private meditation sessions, also imparted by wellness renowned guest practitioners throughout the year.

Complementing these offerings is the HYPOXI* studio, a unique facility in Portugal that pioneers an innovative body shaping method. This approach combines low-impact physical exercise with cutting-edge technology employing vacuum and compression alternately. Notably, it is highly effective in targeting localized fat, when coupled with a balanced nutrition plan.

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