Vila Vita Parc prepares to open ‘premium’ shops and is hiring

‘Vlife Shops’ is the name of a small shopping centre boasting nine “premium” shops that is due to open this summer at the Vila Vita Parc resort in Porches.

Focusing on the luxury end of the market, the shops will sell jewellery, watches, wines, glasses, clothes and children’s items as well as an art gallery.

According to the resort’s head of human resources António Pinheiro, there will be a nice balance of local products as well as exclusive international brands.

“These kinds of shops are more commonly found in the bigger cities in Europe, however, our visitors are international and have a high purchasing power,” he said, feeling confident about the investment.

The resort is now looking to hire 12 to 15 people to work at the shops.

Candidates should be “communicative, charismatic, enthusiastic and passionate” while also being able to “convey the values of the brand they represent”.

Pinheiro also says that they should have a strong ability to learn and “absorb the knowledge that they will receive so that they can then convey it in a personalised way”.

“If we find someone who has potential to develop a career in this area, we will do what is necessary,” he said, adding that it is well-known that finding qualified human resources is increasingly difficult in many sectors.

However, he says that Vila Vita is known as an attractive place to work for, offering “very good conditions” to its employees.

Vila Vita Parc is one of Lagoa’s largest employers. Around 700 people are employed by the resort, and around 200 new jobs were created this year alone.

“And we’re still growing. Luckily, we have had the success to sustain and feed our ambitions. But we are aware that the human side is absolutely vital. That is why we put so much effort into helping the development of our employees.

“Our jobs aren’t trivial or occasional. They are a career opportunity.”

Those interested in applying can do so by sending an email to [email protected]

Photo: Vila Vita’s head of human resources, António Pinheiro