Jan Hartwig (three stars) and Hans Neuner (two stars) Alporchinhos, Armação de Pêra, May 6, 2019 Photo: Vasco Célio / Stills

Vila Vita Parc hosts international Michelin stars at unique gastronomic evening

Acclaimed chefs Jacob-Jan Boerma (three stars), Jan Hartwig (three stars) and Hans Neuner (two stars) will orchestrate a six-hands dinner, with the promise of a “truly inspirational and memorable culinary experience”, on Monday, August 10 at Vila Vita Parc’s Ocean restaurant.

Side by side, the eight Michelin stars belonging to restaurants that are part of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants will create a 12-course dinner for an intimate audience of 25 people, favouring regional products an local producers and respecting seasonality.

The menu costs €195 per adult and includes a wine pairing option at €125. Reservations can be made between 7pm and 9pm, by email [email protected] or by phone +351 282 310 100.

Jacob-Jan Boerma is former owner of Restaurant de Leest and Restaurant The White Room, in Holland.

A “cosmopolitan chef”, Jacob Jan was born in Austria, went to hotel school in The Netherlands, and held positions at exclusive restaurants in Germany, England and Belgium before becoming head chef at the Michelin one-star Restaurant de Nederlanden in Vreeland. Under his management, the restaurant was awarded its second star, before Jacob Jan and his wife Kim opened their own restaurant, the De Leest in Vaassen, in 2002. Critical acclaim brought the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2003, and its second in 2007.

Jan Hartwig from Atelier in Munich, Germany, is the son of a chef. Accustomed from a young age to frequent restaurants and enjoy pleasure at the table, he never doubted that this was his calling. The years of learning with the three-Michelin-star chefs Christian Jürgens and Sven Elverfeld were fundamental. With his arrival at Atelier in Munich in 2014, the first Michelin star also arrived. The following year, the second. And the third, in 2017, at the age of 35. Focused on sustainability, Jan doesn’t like distractions because he believes that the kitchen is not a show, it is passion and commitment.

With the “keep it simple” mantra, Hans Neuner’s (Ocean restaurant, Portugal) seasonal menu is “technically perfect and accurate, demonstrating an impressive and distinctive light touch”. Hans is proud of his modern, fresh and individual cuisine, with a local signature and strong focus on fish and seafood from the Atlantic Ocean as well as fruit, vegetables, meat and wines from the heart of Portugal. The Austrian chef worked at leading hotels, such as Carlton, in St. Moritz, Dorchester, in London, or Tristan, in Majorca, before joining his mentor, Karlheinz Hauser, in Germany. In order to achieve recognition on his own merit, he came to Vila Vita Parc, as executive chef for Ocean. The first star arrived in 2009, the second in 2011, becoming the second restaurant in Portugal to have this achievement.

Jan Hartwig (three stars) and Hans Neuner (two stars)
Alporchinhos, Armação de Pêra, May 6, 2019
Photo: Vasco Célio / Stills
Culinary delights at Ocean Restaurant, Vila Vita Parc
Jacob-Jan Boerma (three Michelin stars)