Vila Vita brings Oktoberfest to Porches

The Vila Vita Biergarten in Porches will be holding its annual Oktoberfest celebrations between Thursday, September 29 and Wednesday, October 5.

The event is a tribute to the iconic beer festival celebrated every year in Munich, Germany since 1810, which draws in more than six million people.

Thus there will be plenty of beer and special menus with German delicacies.

Highlights this year include traditional German sausages and authentic accompaniments including a Bavarian sampler with pretzels, obatzda cheese spread, cold cuts, pickles and chive bread, crunchy knuckle of pork with cabbage salad and traditional potato salad.

Dessert-lovers will be delighted to see the apple strudel in plentiful supply, while anyone not au fait with the niceties of German gastronomy can ask staff on-hand for explanations.

There will also be music every evening from the popular Münchner Gaudiblosn band.

Vila Vita’s buzzing beer garden is located off the EN125 by the Porches roundabout, and is known for its staff in traditional costumes and vivid murals portraying scenes of Bavarian jollity.

The Biergarten will be open from 1pm-10pm for its Oktoberfest, with the band playing from 7pm onwards.

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