Vila Real de Santo António’s nativity scene vandalised

Vila Real de Santo António’s nativity scene, often described as the “largest in Portugal” with around 5,500 figures, was vandalised in the early hours of Christmas Day (December 25).

The culprits made off with the coins that visitors would toss into one of the nativity scene’s “lakes” and caused damage to a part of the display, while also destroying the lock of the main entrance to the António Aleixo cultural centre.

The damage was only noticed when staff members turned up for work at 8am, council officials told newspapers.

A source told Correio da Manhã that the coins were mainly 50-cent coins and that the amount of money stolen was “not significant”.

The nativity scene was promptly fixed by staff members to the delight of visitors who can admire the festive attraction until January 6, 2020.

PSP police are investigating the incident.

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