Vila do Bispo invites all to shellfish extravaganza

Vila do Bispo invites all to shellfish extravaganza

Dinosaur toes, goose barnacles, perceves …

Fishermen in Vila do Bispo are gearing up for the town’s ‘Festival do Perceve’, a gastronomic event that organisers expect will serve around 1.5 tons of one of the Algarve’s most popular shellfish – goose barnacles.

The event will take place between Friday and Sunday (August 30 – September 1) at the local EB 2/3 School, starting at 1pm on all three days.

“The perceves that are served at the festival are captured by around 80 shell fishermen, daily, because it has to be eaten fresh,” David Correia from the association of Vila do Bispo shell fishermen told Correio da Manhã.

Last year the event attracted over 12,000 people, a number organisers do not expect to increase much more as only a certain amount of shellfish can be captured.

Apart from the perceves, visitors will also be able to taste other delights from the sea such as octopus, crab and eel as well as typical Algarvean sweets.

There will also be a fair selling handicraft and local products such as honey and promoting local activities such as dolphin watching boat trips and surfing.

Tickets cost €2.