solar panels installed at Vila do Bispo Vila do Bispo

Vila do Bispo installs solar panels at municipal buildings

Council expects to save thousands of euros per year 

Vila do Bispo Council has announced the installation of 108 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption at the Town Hall and Budens School Centre buildings.

Says the council, “these panels generate clean and renewable energy, contributing to the reduction of carbon intensity in these buildings.”

The local authority also says that these systems collectively represent an installed capacity of 44 kWp and will lead to “reduction in the annual electricity bill” of around 34.8% for the Town Hall building, which has 51 panels, and around 63% for the Budens School Centre, where 57 panels have been installed.


Vila do Bispo installs solar panels at municipal buildings

All in all, around €8,382 is expected to be saved per year in electricity bills.

Over €62,000 were invested in the solar panels, says the council, adding that “with the implementation of this measure, the council is contributing to the environment and, at the same time, to the economic sustainability of the municipality”.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]