Vila do Bispo GNR station inaugurated amid fire concerns

Portugal’s Minister of Internal Administration was in the Algarve on Wednesday to inaugurate the new Vila do Bispo GNR station.

The modern building is located in front of the LIDL supermarket, in an area of the town that Mayor Adelino Soares says is expanding.

The mayor said he was delighted to have Minister Miguel Macedo presiding over the ceremony, particularly at a time when various parts of Portugal were being ravaged by large fires.

Speaking to the press at the end of the ceremony, the minister said a reinforcement of more than 200 police and military officers had been deployed for forest fire monitoring, as there were suspicions of several cases of arson.

“For example, in the district of Viseu, the large fire appears to have resulted from eight simultaneous ignitions in different locations,” said Miguel Macedo.