Vida Nova white

By Patrick Stuart[email protected]

There’s been a lot of talk about Cliff coming to Intermarché Lagoa on Friday but I for one will make sure to avoid what is my local supermarket of choice whilst he is there.

The cardboard cut-out is already too much for me and does its best to put me off buying the wines. But I suppose it is good that they’ve dragged the old boy out, and no doubt the place will be mobbed when he turns up in the flesh.

But what about the wines, would they still sell if it were not for the celebrity status of Sir Cliff? Well, when the first Vida Nova was launched back in 2001, I had my doubts.

I found the wine to be overpriced considering what was at the time very mediocre quality. But over the years, I watched them slowly but surely improve, adapting to market trends and adjusting their pricing strategy to end up with the range of very decent wines we see today.

It had been a few years since I tried the main label Vida Nova white, now an unusual blend of Viognier and Verdelho, and my curiosity was aroused by the tasting notes on the rear label that spoke of oranges, tangerines, melon and even bananas on the nose.

I enjoyed a bottle with friends last weekend and we noted general citric notes, more lemony than orange, and certainly green melon – but certainly no bananas.

It is, however, a very well-made wine and one of the best examples out there of non-oaked Algarvean white. The wine has a great freshness and a rounded mouth-feel with good acidity, a solid all round white ideal for serving with grilled fish.