Vida Justa protest poster

Vida Justa “not delighted” that S.T.O.P has muscled in on day of protest

Vida Justa, the citizens movement that has formed as a result of the cost of living crisis, is not delighted by the fact that radical teachers’ syndicate S.T.O.P has called a(nother) protest in Lisbon, coinciding with the exact same day and ‘end destination’ as Vida Justa. S.T.O.P coordinator André Pestana has attempted to make light of the situation, and claims that when S.T.O.P’s parade does converge in front of parliament tomorrow, as Vida Justa’s will, he wants to “propose a round of applause for Vida Justa”. A source for Vida Justa nonetheless has stressed the movement would have preferred if S.T.O.P had planned its protest for another occasion entirely. As it is S.T.O.P is considering a protest vigil (of around 100 people) until “at least the end of the month”, says Pestana, as a truce in the teachers’ protests is looking unlikely.