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Victims of road accidents remembered

Around 100 bikers from motorcycle clubs and associations in the Algarve took part in a parade between Faro and Loulé to honour the victims of road accidents on Dia da Memória (Remembrance Day) on November 21.

During a ceremony to mark the day at Nossa Senhora da Piedade church in Loulé, Faro Civil Governor Isilda Gomes highlighted the importance of “collective participation” in the fight against these road deaths and thanked Algarve municipalities and local bikers for their help in promoting road safety campaigns.

“I hope the winds that blow from the Nossa Senhora da Piedade church carry a message of peace along our roads, so that we can bring to an end the problem of road fatalities in our region,” she said.

Isilda Gomes said road accidents are a major cause of death for people under 30. “We cannot remain indifferent to this,” she said. Since January this year, the number of fatalities in the region totals around 50.

During the ceremony, Isilda Gomes praised the civic spirit of clubs, associations and groups of bikers in the Algarve region, in particular their collaboration in prevention campaigns.

Members of the A22 Comissão de Utentes (Users Commission) were also present at the ceremony. A spokesman from the commission told the Algarve Resident: “The tolls on the A22 will only mean more deaths on the EN125 road.”