Photo: Joëlette and Co - by Ferriol-Matrat

Via Algarviana offers adapted tourism solution

The hiking trail network has acquired a Joelette, a one-wheel all-terrain chair that reduced mobility hikers can borrow free of charge.

The Via Algarviana hiking trail association has purchased a one-wheel inclusive chair created for adapted tourism. The Joelette, an all-terrain transport system, can be used by children or adults with the assistance of at least two trusted hiking companions and is available free of charge, on request, to explore Via Algarviana paths.

“We want more and more people with reduced mobility to have the physical and mental benefits of hiking along the Via Algarviana paths and experience the beauty of these natural landscapes”, says the organisation.

Although the Joelette may not be the ideal solution for every track, as some may be too steep or difficult to access, it is adapted to many of them. “It basically goes where a mountain bike goes. This already makes many trails accessible, which without equipment of this type, could not be covered by people with reduced mobility,” explains the organisation on its Facebook page.

“Naturally, there are more demanding routes than others, and it is important that the companions who drive the Joelette know how to choose the trails they are going to hike according to their physical abilities,” advises the Via Algarviana organisation.

To borrow and find out more about the Joelette, visit the Via Algarviana website.

Via Algarviana offers adapted tourism solution