Vetstoyou has arrived in the Algarve – your veterinarian at home

Vetstoyou announces its entry into the Algarve market, expanding its area of activity from Lisbon and Alentejo to the south of the country, making its services available throughout the region.

We are a multidisciplinary team with a comprehensive perspective on veterinary medicine. We combine modern, good clinical practices with the latest technologies, using innovative methods to meet our customers’ requirements and current market trends in the treatment of animals.

There are several reasons to choose Vetstoyou’s home veterinary medical assistance: convenience, personalised care, tranquility, safety, better for senior animals, no exposure to other sick animals, easier for those who have more than one animal, better evaluation and behaviour, palliative care, elderly tutors, cost.

Vetstoyou was born from the dream of a young veterinary doctor determined to offer the best possible care to her pet patients, whatever the species, preventing discomfort on the animal and its owners as much as possible – because the health and well-being of our animals always come first!

Dr Catarina Dias, founder and Clinical Director of Vetstoyou, is a veterinary doctor with an Integrated Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology, with the thesis “Urolithiasis in a population of Macropus Rufus and Macropus Rufogriseus” (scientific names for kangaroo species) from the Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

Dr Catarina has always had a special interest in Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine and has done several internships in this field of medicine in national and international zoos, such as Nuremberg (Germany), Barcelona, as well as in recovery centres.

After concluding her master’s degree, she invested more in her training, holding a postgraduate degree in Exotic and Zoo Animal Medicine and Surgery by Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology. Dr Catarina continues to carry out different types of training, at a national and international level, in the field of exotic animals.

Dr Catarina Dias has lectured at national veterinary medicine congresses and universities. She started by practising in hospitals in the area of Greater Lisbon, combining medicine for cats and dogs with medicine for exotic animals.

Even before entering the job market, she realised that exotic pets need closer and more regular medical veterinary monitoring, and that is why sending a vet to the animal’s home, instead of taking the animal to the vet, seems to be an excellent option for these animals.

Vetstoyou provides the following services: veterinary consultation at your home for exotic animals, dogs and cats, routine check-up, vaccination and deworming, microchipping, veterinary certificates, clinical analysis and other diagnostic exams, medical support to breeders, collectors and associations, support for the management and conservation of wild and game animals (animal conservation), consultation to veterinary medical centres (clinics and hospitals), exotic animal surgery, animal euthanasia and funeral service, pre-purchase animal check, therapeutic and physiological nutrition.
We are here for the well-being and health of your pet.

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