Veteran declared dead four times

For former Army drill sergeant Jerry Miller, being alive has not been sufficient proof that he’s not dead. The U.S. Veterans Administration has declared him deceased four times since 2010.

“I’m alive. I’m very alive,” Miller told WESH 2 News.

“To me, it’s stupid. I can’t die but one time. They have killed me four times,” he said.

Miller served 10 years in the Army and the confusion started in July 2010 when he received a letter addressed to his estate that expressed sympathy for his death and politely explained that, as a dead man, he was not eligible for the veterans benefits he was paid.

Miller said he informed the VA that he was still alive and his benefits were restarted. But the letters kept coming, each one stopping his benefits.

“I’m alive, you see. This can’t keep going on and on,” Miller said.

He said a letter came this month – addressed to his estate – requesting repayment of more than $94,000 in benefits he shouldn’t have received because he was dead, and that it included polite instructions how to make the payment.

Miller said he has no idea why he was declared dead.

A VA spokesman told WESH 2 News that the organisation was looking into the case.

Source: www.wesh.com

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