Very high concentrations of pollen in the atmosphere until Thursday

According to the SPAIC pollen bulletin, the pollen comes from oak, pine, sycamore trees, nettle and Parietaria herbs.

The Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC) predicts very high concentrations of pollen in the atmosphere for all regions of Continental Portugal until Thursday.

The forecast up to April 6 in the Lisbon and Setúbal region indicates that pollens will remain at very high levels, with a predominance of pollens from holm oak trees, oaks, sycamore and cypress and nettle and Parietaria herbs.

In the country’s interior regions and the Algarve, pollens from grasses and plantain start to appear in the air and gradually gain importance. In the North, concentrations are of birch pollen.

According to the SPAIC, outdoor activities should be avoided when pollen concentrations are high. “Walks in the garden, mowing the lawn, camping or playing sports in the street will increase exposure to pollen and the risk of allergies”, it adds.

It also recommends keeping the car windows closed whenever you travel to reduce contact with pollen. Motorcyclists must wear a full-face helmet. And, at home, windows should be kept closed when pollen concentrations are high.

The SPAIC also considers medication to be the most effective way to combat allergy symptoms, advising the population to consult an allergist for the correct diagnosis and prescription of the most appropriate medication. It warns that prevention “may involve getting hypoallergenic vaccines”.

Every week, the pollen bulletin publishes pollen levels in the atmosphere, collected by reading posts in various regions of the country.