Mário Centeno

“Very challenging times” – central bank governor

The governor of the Bank of Portugal, Mário Centeno, told the students of ISEG on Wednesday that the times currently being experienced “are not yet difficult” but “very, very challenging” and that victory requires “enormous effort”.

Mário Centeno, who was a student and is a professor at the Higher Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG), was speaking at the institution on the day that new students began their academic year in an event that was also attended by the CEO of Altice, Ana Figueiredo.

“It is usual to say these days that we are facing many challenges, which is true. In my current functions, I like to separate what are challenges and what are difficulties clearly,” Mário Centeno told the students.

“These are not difficult moments. They are not yet difficult moments, they are very, very challenging moments,” said the former finance minister, recalling that there is a war in Europe.

Mário Centeno also pointed to the battle of climate change that “requires changing behaviours” and that everyone should do something.

“All of this is at the centre of economy, at the centre of management, at the centre of finance,” the Portuguese central bank governor said, stressing that these challenges “can only be won with effort”.